Change of information


Change of information

We offer to our client according to the Terms and Conditions, and also by instructions from the Law of Postal Services a change in the information about the Receiver.

That means that the client can change some information about the Receiver like name, telephone or address before the cargo is delivered. Please keep in mind that any change in the information may result in adding further days to the time of delivery depending of the change in address. For example, if the change of address is in the same zone or region the delay will be minimal. But if the zone is different then expect a delay in delivery of one to three working days because of the necessary logistical implementations. Additional, be aware, if the change of address is larger, if it changes zones drastically, example different cities, the price of service will change accordingly. To see what changes are posible consult our online price calculator. 

After that, to make the change, you can do this by sending an e-mail to with the true information. In case the client needs to change the information about the buy-out of the cargo he needs to send an e-mail with the new information to

For more information please call our free number 0800 22 00.