Macedonia – Albania

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Macedonia – Albania

We offer transport of packages to Albania. We have a regular line for Albania that goes once a week, every week on Friday. This line goes to Tirana and Durras(Drac). For any other cities there is an additional fee for delivery. The time for delivery also increases to. We also offer transport from Bulgaria to Albania via Macedonia. The pick up of packages is also every Friday.

We, for a special fee, also offer other days for pick up and delivery at hoc for special circumstances. If you want to use this option please feel free to send us an email at or call our free number 0800 222 00.

For our Albania root in the price of doing are included deliveries to the following cities: Tirana, Duras, Elbasan and Kavaja. For other cities like: Vlore, Shkoder, Korce, Fier Cifci and Berat we  do transport for an additional fee.

Customs representation in Sofia or Skopje is 25.00 eur and varies depending on commodity, invoice and customs formalities and specific.

For more information click on the link to see our detailed price list.