Macedonia – Bulgaria from and to

We offer regular transport of documents and other types of cargo to and from Bulgaria. We offer this service with this service with prices from 5 eur. To check our price list click here.

We also offer buying goods with cuireir from Bulgaria and then delivering them to you in Macedonia. We charge 4% of the base value of the goods delivered. The cargo must have a value grater then 10 eur. This service is only for goods that dont go trough custums check up like: printed materials, letters, catalogs, invitations, agreements, printed invoices and similar. The time for delivery for this is 2 working days if the starting point is Sofia, and 3 working days for other places in Bulgaria.

We also offer cargo transport to Sofia. This service is for Skopje to Sofia. If you want to use this service for any other place in Macedonia or Bulgaria there is an additional fee to the base value of the service wich starts from 80 eur for 0-100 kg or 1 cubic. The base service, or the delivery Skopje-Sofia is 2 to 5 working days. The price for this service is determined by weight or by volume. To check the detialed price list click here.

We also do custums representation for inport from Bulgaria. For this service also check the link, click here.