Frequently asked questions

The ransom are paid after the next day, as it takes one day for processing, but if it is a ransom that should be picked up from a settlement from the 2nd or 3rd zone, then the ransom can be picked up after a few days.
All settlements are divided into zones, the delivery time depends on the zone in which the specific settlement is located. See below for more information.
Our couriers in Skopje pick up shipments no later than 15.30, but if you want you can bring the shipment to one of our bases no later than 19.30. And in other cities in our country the taking over of the shipments can be significantly prolonged depending on the departure time of the vans that carry the shipments to our base in Skopje.
In Skopje we deliver from 09.00 to 16.00, and in other cities the delivery can be a little later in agreement with the courier.
If your place of work is in the same area as your home address, then the courier can deliver the shipment where it suits you best, but if it is in another part of the city and you insist it be delivered to your place of work, then it will will be delivered to you the next day after being assigned to another courier delivering in the other area.
Despite the efforts we make to avoid such inconveniences, it is still possible for such a thing to happen, due to the different type and large number of shipments delivered by Brza Pratka. Thus, if your shipment is susceptible to light damage, it is desirable that it be properly packed inside and out with packaging and materials that will protect the shipment from damage during transport. See below for more details.
For lost shipment we compensate up to 15 times from the basic price for transport, and for damaged shipment up to 10 times from the basic price for transport, according to the law of the Republic of Macedonia, if you think your shipment is lost or damaged you can report to or directly on our site.
Of course, the courier must contact you before coming to the address provided in the document.
Couriers of Brza Pratka always try to deliver the shipment up to 3 times. But in cities where there are bases, the shipment can be kept for you for up to a week.
Yes it is possible, after verifying the authenticity of your data.
It is possible, after verifying your identity and the authenticity of your data.
Of course, you are not obliged to receive the shipment, if for any reason you do not want to pick it up we will return it to the sender.
You can open the shipment only if it has been agreed in advance with the sender and if it is stated on the consignment note (document for taking over the shipment)
You can return the shipment, but you will be charged for the service, as this is considered as receiving a new shipment. You also have the option to exchange the shipment in agreement with the sender, but for more information see below.
Payment is regulated between the sender and the recipient of the shipment, namely the two parties agree which of them will pay for the service, and it is possible for both the recipient and the sender to pay part of the amount.
No, the service is charged only in cash, and there is a possibility to pay an invoice for our regular clients or legal entities